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Mobile Air Purification

   MICROCON® 800 & 400 with Germicidal UV


360°air intake and exhaust

High air change capacity

Breathing zone filtration

Certified HEPA filtration


Modular design

The MICROCON® is a high capacity mobile air purifier specifically designed to remove hazardous microbial airborne particulate. It is the only system available that offers our unique CIRCUMFLOW ® air distribution pattern. This is created by the 360-degree air intake and exhaust, which are unique only to the MICROCON® series. No other competitive units replicate this feature, which has been documented, to greatly improve "Breathing Zone Filtration" within a room.

It is available in two models, the MICROCON® MAP-800 and 400. Either meets the CDC requirements for HEPA filtration and exceeds their recommendations for room air changes per hour. Each unit is portable and can be positioned for spot or more permanent applications. It does not restrict room use since it's not a permanent installation, allowing you flexibility on planning patient load.

Four-254 nm Germicidal Ultraviolet (Ultra Violet) Lamps are available on either model. Lamp life expectancy is rated at 6000 hours. Positioned downstream of the HEPA, they are fully shielded and eliminate the maintenance requirements of competitive units when UV bulbs are directly in the air stream attracting dust particulate to bulb surface and diminishing irradiation. An electronic sensor bar, to continually monitor bulb malfunction, and hour meter, to register system operation time, are available.

MICROCON® 800 MUV (with filter cube removed)

                                      MICROCON® 400 & 800

Breathing Zone Filtration

The MICROCON® intakes air from the top of the unit in a     360-degree direction from within the "breathing zone". This zone measures anywhere from 3 ft. to 7 ft. from the floor level. Eliminating sub micron-size infectious airborne particles from this zone reduces airborne microbial migration and the risk of inhalation.

CIRCUMFLOW® Air Distribution Pattern

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