Airephase / BC

Low Energy Industrial Commercial High Efficiency Air Purification And Air Filtration
Air Purifier - Air Cleaner For The Source Capture And Removal Of Dust Particulate And Total Ventilation For Fleet Maintenance & Industrial And Commercial Applications

The Airephase LE (photo to the right) is a self-contained ceiling mounted air cleaner with mid-body exhaust. Placing the fan midpoint in the unit allows for equal draw from two opposite sides, thereby doubling the effective capture intake area and particle capture compared to traditional single intake models. Configured so exhausted air can be expelled from any of its 4 sides by chassis rotation. This feature further fine-tunes the air exhaust position discharge best suited for the application. Ducting can be attached to the exhaust vent to channel air to another location or exhaust to the building’s exterior.

The Dual level filtration provides efficient and effective ambient air cleaning for removal of a wide range of airborne contaminants. Two filtration stages create progressive filtering first the larger then the small particulate. The “first stage” MERV 8, or prefilter, contains the larger particulates and provides 92% average arrestance in a 70% efficiency range on particulate sizes 3.0 to 10 microns in size. The second or final MERV 14 filter is of higher efficiency, with a 99% rating with average arrestance at 85%, with particles in the 0.3 to 1.0 micron range.

Airephase / BC
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